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Disc brake with floating caliper is mounted on front or rear axle of trucks or buses to fulfill brake requirements for service, parking and emergency. The air pressure disc brake produced by our company (17.5", 19.5" and 22.5") can meet different brake requirements for different types of vehicles. Brake force is generated by diaphragm air chamber or spring air chamber mounted on the caliper cover and the abrasion between brake disc and brake pads is compensated automatically. It is made up of brake disc, wheel cylinder, brake caliper, brake pads, alarming wire and bracket generally. Brake disc is made of cast iron alloy and mounted on the wheel, wheel cylinder is mounted on the base plate of disc brake and rotate with the wheel synchronously, two brake pads are fixed on two sides of brake disc respectively. Piston is pushed toward brake disc under the hydraulic effect of oil supplied via oil pipe to accomplish friction brake. Disc brake with floating caliper owns the advantages of compact structure, light weight, quick heat radiation, easy to maintenance and adjustment, especially good performance for heat duration and stable brake effect when heavy load applied. Moreover it never cares the splash of mud. Disc brake can stop the vehicles within shorter period than drum brake when serviced in winter and rough road condition.