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Disk centrifuge is one kind of vertical type. And the bowl is mounted upper vertical shaft, rotate highly speed through the driving part by the motor. There is one set of disk parts which is overlapped mutually together-that is disk. Small space exsits between disks. Suspension(or emulsion) is fed to the bowl by the feeding pipe which is in the center of the bowl. When suspension(or emulsion) flow into the small space, the solid(or droplet) will settle to the disk and form the sludge(or liquid lay) . The sludge slides along the surface of the disk and then breaks away from it. And the sludge will accumulate on the position where the diameter is the maximal in the bowl. The liquid which has been separated will flow out of the outlet. The funtion of the disk is to shorten the settling distance of the solid(or droplet) , extend the settling area of the bowl. The disk mounted in the bowl improve the capacity of the separator. The sludge will be discharged by mannual after the machine stops or discharged from the bowl by the discharging system without stopping the machine.
It is wide used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, food&drink industry etc.