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Instruction of Dishwasher Ball
Spherical structure, the diameter of 60 mm
Thread-empty plastic shell, inside with multifunctional ceramic pellets, inside installed with permanent magnet of unique design
Principle Permanent magnet of unique design can magnetize the washing water for dishware more sufficiently, divide the big clusters of water molecule into smaller ones, so that to strongly enhance the dissolvability and penetration of water molecule, soften washing water, reduce the surface tension of water. Multifunctional ceramic pellets, which contain more than 80 kinds of natural minerals, can emit Far Infrared Rays and release negative ions during washing, turn the washing water to be alkalescent, and again increase more dissolvability and penetration of water. At the same time, it is also good for sterilization to keep your dishware sanitary and clean.

1. Adopt pure physical way to wash dishware, contain no harmful chemicals 2. Natural way to kill bacterium, keep your dishware more sanitary and clean 3. Long lifespan, each Dishwasher Ball can be used for 1 year, or even more 4. Do not need any other dishwashing detergent, eco, safe and economical
5. Easy to use, only need to put the Dishwasher Ball into the dishwasher correctly

1. Put the dishware for washing and Dishwasher Ball in the dishwasher correctly 2. Run the dishwasher; do not take out the Dishwasher Ball during the whole process of washing.
3. After washing, take out the Dishwasher Ball, rinse it with tap water, and keep in dry & cool place.
1. The right way to put the Dishwasher Ball in the dishwasher is to keep the sides with holes upward and downward (vertically to the bottom of dishwasher) . Put the Dishwasher Ball near the water sprayers at the top and/or on the bottom of the dishwasher, to make sure the biggest water flow through the Dishwasher Ball. Dishware should not keep out the Dishwasher Ball if possible 2. Generally 1~2 Dishwasher Balls for 4 sets of dishware, and so on.
3. Over 70 degree centigrade of the washing water temperature recommended. 4. Properly increase the quantity of Dishwasher Ball if there are more oil stains on the dishware for washing 5. Do not open or knock down the Dishwasher Ball with violence 6. Keep away from children

1 year
The Dishwasher Ball contains magnet, please keep away from Pacemakers, Electronic data carriers, video devices, TVs and Computers.
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