Sell disperse dyes and acetate dyes

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Violet 5R (200%)
Disp. Violet 25

VIolet 3R (200%)
Disp. Violet 63
Blue 2RX
Disp. Blue 56

Blue 2R CONC
Disp. Blue 183
Blue GSL (400%)
Disp. Blue 165
Navy Blue 3G
200% Disp. Blue 79
Blue DBR -Conc
Brown 3BS - Mix
Black BSL H/C-Mix
Yellow M7G
Yellow 6 GN
Orange M-2RL
Rubine M-2B
Red F3BS - Red 343

On Polyster
0.5 % Shade On Polyster
0.2 % Shade
Yellow CL (200%)
Disp. Yellow 229
Yellow C4G
Yellow 4G (200%)
Disp. Yellow 236
Yellow 5RX
Disp. Yellow 7
Golden Yellow 2GN
Disp. Yellow 56
Golden Yellow 2G (200%)
Orange RL (200%)
Disp. Orange 25:1
Orange 3R (conc. )
Disp. Yellow 44
Yellow Brown 2RC
Disp. Orange.30
Scarlet RR
Disp. Red 54
Scarlet 3R
Disp. Red 50
Brown 3 REL H/C
Disp. Red 118
Dark Red 2B
Disp. Red 167

Range of Low Temperatrue Acetate Disperse Dyes also available