Sell disposable nitrile gloves

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disposable nitrile gloves. blue, white,

powder, powder free.

disposable vinyl gloves, CE, FDA, 1.25usd/box

Introduction: visually look like natural latex gloves, but it is by the synthetic materials, absolutely not contain latex ingredients, so never produce allergic reaction, its main characteristic is physical performance is better than ordinary VINYL gloves. Any natural latex ingredients to human skin, without allergic reaction, avirulent, harmless, tasteless, left and right, general, tension, attached with a sturdy, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance. According to customer needs. (1) add American FDA standard corn, 100% absorption (2) powder free using special free powder technology, protective more circumspect. Disposable PVC gloves, PVC free powder don't contain any natural latex composition, the human body skin won't feel allergy, avirulent, harmless, tasteless. Left and right are general, tension, attached with a sturdy. Extended lengths to offer better protection. Performance better than ASTM standards.