Sell dog-bone rubber tile

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color resilient rubber tile is new-type, non-pollution flooring material
It has the following characters to compare with plastic

It has the following characters to compare with plastic flooring, wooden flooring, cement ground:
1. various specification, colorful, visual.
2. resilient, shock-proofing, It was called rubber carpet
3. easy drainage, no water leaves in surface, anti-slip.
4. wearable, pressure resistance, abrasion resisance, anti-static, isolation.
5. Non-toxic, non-peculiar-smell, sound isulation, heat reservation, easy clean.
6. ageing resistance, oxidation resistance, U. V resistance, long time used in outdoor.
7. Health care, The resilient character can anti-fatigue, make people ease.
8. easy installation, colorful, various specification, all these characters can enlarge vision and creativity of designers.

usage scope: gymnasium, kindergarten, pathway, sideway etc.