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1 because of intense campaign to eliminate fatigue and relax the muscles.
2 by older blood circulation caused pain. Unsmooth
3. Eliminate the cause for sleep felt fine shoulder spasm.
4. Eliminate tiredness or because the pain caused by rheumatism.
5 double the massage head shape to increase the massage.
6 to the human body meridian, through the muscle coordination and balance, can stimulate human body, promote the viscera function of blood circulation, health and vigor.
7. Extended handles type designs lets you massage more stick into.
8. Infrared heat treatment and protection function.
9 with three different shapes of massage head can satisfy your different parts of the body massage

1. remove the fatigue caused by sport , relax muscle. 2. remove the pain
3. remove the shoulder convulsion caused by stiff neck.
4. remove the pain caused by tire or rheumatism
5. dual-head massage head add the massage area
6. adjust body zang and fu function via stimulate human channels, muscle, promote whole-length blood circulation
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