Sell domestic--standard type water heater

domestic--standard type water heater You May Also Be Interested In: aluminum nitride coil heat exchanger copper coil heat exchanger non pressure solar collector thermosiphon solar
Magnetic controlled sputtering aluminum nitride solar absorber coating vacuum thermal-arrest calorimeter , imported high grade.
SUS 304 2B stainless steel high-frequency craft welding water tank .
Imported lime glassed colored steer plate , or high grade SUS304 mirror plane non-rust steel non-poisonous , tasteless, silica-plastic joint washer and dust washer.
Wind resisting tower. Bending stainless steel. Oval-shaped. (can be unpacked wholly)
Hot water supplied all the year round, the water temperature can reach 46-65oC after being heated a day in winter, 65-93 oC in summer.
Selecting electric heater, magnesium de-scaling sacrificing anode stub.
Selecting fixing computer highball appliance.
The whole structure elegant and delicate , high quality , wonderful appearance. Vacuum tube:47mmX1500 58mmX1800

Thermosiphon solar collectors provides Mains Pressure pre-heating via a high efficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the solar collector tank. The way which the Main Pressure solar collector heats water id the same as the Non pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tank which provides more than 1.2m2 of heat transfer area, the coil absorbs heat from the water inside the solar collector tank when the water flows through the coil. The solar collector tank is therefore a thermal store. One advantage of this system is that almost no water is introduced into the tank , so corrosion and scale buildup are almost totally eliminated. Tanks are designed for low to medium pressure application using gravity feed tank or pressure
Reduction valve. Direct connection to mains pressure water supply is not permitted. Please check your local building regulations regarding the installation of water tanks.
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