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Standard configuration

Finish:Elcetrostatic paint
Material:Alminum alloy
Applied gate width/gate weight:EN EU3#
Max door width: $950mm
Max door weight: $60kg
Main boby size:L180*W42*H65.5
Application range:Plastic steel door, wood door, aluminum door, iron door
Max opening angle:180B0
Adjustable closing section:A closed-door segment, locked section
Feature:No damage after opening/closing of 500, 000 times
Warranty period :7 years

Imported gasket prevents oil leakage
Strong spring, high force of door closer.
Side swing rocker for easy erection.
Fine quality aluminum alloy block provided with two bright coatings for protection.
Fully hydraulic control, two speed control vavles for individual control of two stage door closer speed.

IIumination of door closer and lock adjustment
Regulating vavle clockwise rotation slows down
Counterclockwise rotation speed change control vavle fast.

Blocking force control valve
The opening buffer and closing/door closer speed can be adjusted so as to control the full opening and closing area of door leaf.

Door-closer force adjustment
The closing force of door closer can be increased or decreased by adjusting erection position of adjusting supporting arm.