Sell double roller crusher

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our double roller crusher are designed to crush clinker and coal in cement plants. there are over 200 cement plants are using our crushers in the world. it also can crush steel slags in steel plants. it has seven features as follow:

1. Less energy cost due to high efficiency, comparing to other crushers, save more than 10% energy.

2. Wear-resisting parts the wear-resisting parts can be used for more than 1 year.

3. The size of output stable it is very easy to adjust the output size , so the output size is very stable.

4. Simple maintain our roller are designed very reasonably, can be used reliably. Under normal conditions, it is not necessary to replace parts.

5. No pollution during work, almost no dust, noise level and vibration is very low.

6. Less investment roller crusher is of high quality with very good price.

7. Our crusher can be used A: clinker first crush, B: super fine crush before grinder.