dough kneaders

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Bakery equipment, bread slicer machines, mixers, dough kneaders
Our Company, Dirmak Co. Ltd. , manufactures a line of food equipment which consists of bread slicer machines, mixers and dough kneaders suitable for use in bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants and institutions. Our high quality and competitively priced....

Dough Kneader
1. The HW Dough Kneaders /Paste Kneading Machine are the main equipments for flour diet processing units. It can equally blend water , flour to make paste. (you can also adds some edible oil, sugar, other food or addictives) . 2. The Dough Kneadi....
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We are Manufacturing Bakery Equipements and Ovens. 01. Dough Kneaders 02. Planetary Mixtures 03. Bread Slicers 04. Gas Ovens 05. Rotary Rack Ovens (Diesel & Gas)
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