Sell dried seafood

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There are 6 series, over 160 assortments of dried seafood with many kinds of packaging size. (10g/20g/30g/40g/50g/100g/200g) .
Shrimp series: baked shrimp, dried shrimp, dried prawn, dried small shrimp, dried slipper lobster;
Dried fish fillet series: yellow stripe trevally, dried anchovy, fried anchovy, dried tongue fish, baked eel fish, dried needle fish, dried yellow croaker, fish jam slice and so on.
Squid series: dried shredded squid, smoked squid ring, dried squid tentacle, dried squid wing, dried tentacle chip and so on.
Seaweed series: instant roasted seasoned seaweed, dried laminaria slice (kelp slice)
Other series: instant conch slice, dried clam, dried mussel, dried scallop and so on.