Buy drill pipe of 5"

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We are a manufactures of rock bits for oil field, mining and water well drilling rigs, we have steel tooth and insert rock bits with diamater form 15CM TO 44CM . ( new and rebuilt) Now We buy bad rock bits , PDC, used drill pipe (73,89,127) , the mud pump(800--1300) and discard over , stuck over due supplies.
Dimensions of drill pipe--- in length of 29FT-32FT, OD of pipe: 127mm, 73mm
Tool joint requirement----mother joint OD 160mm min. for 127mm
105mm min. for 73mm
Tong grasp joint length---- pin section is 180mm and up
Box section is 240mm and up
If you can supply please let us have your offer(indicate origin, quantity) and picture of the pipe