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1. Integral rotation type adopts hydraulic and machinery driving, realizes the flexibility stepless varying speed for the workover device and substructure model of carrier; Caterpillar motor matched with Allision transmission is reasonable , safe , high efficiency, steady and increases the power ratio of motor.

2. Drilling and workover equipments are equipped on the carrier increases the movability of equipment, shortens the installation readiness time of rigs and raises the efficiency of drilling.
3. Integral hydraulic air driving operation system and double crown block saver have workers intensity labor relieved and raise the operation safety.
4. Adopting integral forging brake drum , force internal recycle cooling, raise the braking safety and service life and is favor of protecting the environment
5. Air and flameout protection device and galloping protection device satisfy the special requirements in oil and gas well.
6. Driving self-propelled floor with 14X 8 of load capacity adopts power steering system so that the rig has good trafficability characteristic and cross-country ability.
7. The transmission box of rotary table can realize forward gear and reverse gear , adopts kinds of drilling rod button of circling operation. Reactive torque release device guarantees that during the drilling course drilling rod deformation will be able to release safely.
8. The mobile carrier rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with API and HSE standard and meet the international bid requirements