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FLYDISC spindle type drilling rig is widely used for soil investigation, geological examination, mineral exploration, engineering geologic drilling for water conservancy, railway, highway, bridge and tunnel construction, water well drilling etc. It is suitable for both large-diameter shallow hole drilling and small-diameter deep-hole diamond drilling.
We supply XUL-100, HGY-200, HGY-300, HGY-650, HGY-1000, HGY-1500 series drilling machine with drilling capacity from 100m to 1500m.

With Safety Certificate of Approval for Coal Mining Products, FLYDISC ZL-700, ZL-1700, ZL-2800 drilling machine are specially for drilling in coalmine and in tunnel.

We also supply all kinds of drilling accessories such as diamond core bit & reaming shell, PDC bit, drilling rod, coupling, barrel etc to meet customers' demand.

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