Sell drug of abuse single strip and card test

drug of abuse single strip and card test You May Also Be Interested In: cassettes drug morphine
1) Format: strip, cassette
2) Specimen: urine
3) Sensitivity: 1000ng/ml
4) A rapid, qualitative, competitive binding immunoassay for the
determination of amphetamine in urine at or above the cutoff level of
5) Not intended to monitor drug levels, but only to screen urine for the
presence of amphetamine,Morphine, Cocaine test, Cannabinoid (THC),Methamphetamine
Inner packing:1pc (with desiccant, dropper (cassette and panel format))/pouch
Outer packing:Carton dimensions: 60 x 40 x 48cm
Strips: 200tests/bag, 20bags/carton
Cassettes: 100tests/bag, 20bags/carton

Carton dimensions: 60 x 28 x 48cm
Strips: 200tests/bag, 10bags/carton
Cassettes: 100tests/bag, 10bags/carton