Sell drum carrier

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1. Easy to lift, transport and tilt 55 gallon drum.
2. Available to carry the drum to rack(lower than 1350mm) .
3. Tilt the drum 1200 for oil empty.
4. Compact and reliable mechanism system for fix drum.
5. It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet.
6. Easily lift with pedal when unload.

Model: DA40B
Lifting Capacity: 400kg
Drum Size: 572mm(22.5" Diameter ) , 210Lifters(55 gallon)
Lifting Height :1350mm
Lifting per stroke: 13mm
Cycle for Total 1200 pour: 10
Front Wheel Dia X Width: 150 X 50mm
Rear Castor Dia X Width: 180 X 50mm
Overall Dimension : 1315 X 860 X 1960mm
Net Weight : 190 kg