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1. It is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD, al-plated film, al-tissue and the compound film and paper with the same properties. Its mechanical speed is70m/min.
2. Main transmission device:The main transmission device adopts altermating current frequency transforming vetor to control the electric machine. The apeed of heat beat and rubber-plated esh roller and network can be adjusted. Performance:To assure the tightness and looseness for the films in the oven channels.
3. Material-feeding device:Group 1and2 material-feeding devices adopt photoelectric correction deviation device while the roll feeding is controlled by magnetic-particle. The material-feeding devices of compound film adopts photoelectric correction device to control.
4. Rubber-plated device:The mesh rollers control the amount of ink scappers. While the rubber rooler adopts souble air cylinder to highter the pressure while the pressure can be adjusted freely. It is also equiped with film while stopping to lift automatically.
5. Structure of oven channel:The temperature in the oven chanel through four-pace intelligent thermocontroller, equipped with inner cycling device. The materials-protecting roller and the heat beat can rotate synchrinically.
6. Compound heat beat and impression roller device:Compound heat beat and press roller device are heated throuth the hor oil to make the temperature of the heat beat average and to save eectricity. Impression roller adopts dual air cylinder. While the pressure can be adjusted freely. Performance:Save electricity power.
7. Material-collecting device:The Marterial-collecting adopts linkage material-collecting device, while the roll-collecting device adopts moment motor to collect the mateials.
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