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The RV-100 is a high-quality, multifunction digital reverb effect.
Spring, plate, hall, room, gate, andmodulate reverb is included in themagic stomp. Stereo output and studio quality sound ensure the
pedal can be used in any environment.

Input Impedance 1M(Ohms)
Output Impedance 1K(Ohms)
Recommended Load Impedance 10k(Ohms) or greater
Residual Noise -92dBu (IHF-A, Typ. )
Jack Input A(MONO) /B Output A(MONO) /B
AC Adaptor
Power Supply DC 9V; Dry battery (6F22/9V) , AC adaptor
Controls Pedal Switch, Level, Tone, Time, Mode
Indicator Check Indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator)
Current Draw 55mA, (DC 9V)
Dimensions 72*128*60 mm
Weight 415g (no battery)
Option AC Adaptor