Sell dual sim card

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1. Max 99 minutes available for you to self-set auto-switching time.
2. Display your SIM1 or SIM2 phone numbers on screen (ID number editable) .
3. Compatible with all GSM mobile.
4. Economical & convenient, enjoy the freedom of two mobile numbers in one handset!
5. Ultra slim design with advanced IC guarantees stable performance.
6. Save money by easily alternating between local numbers of 2 different cities/networks, allow you to call out economically by one numbers, and answer freely by another number.
7. Separate business call from private call; offer you more space, freedom & privacy.
8.6-Month Limited Warranty (Damages caused by inadequate operation is not covered) .
9.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

1. Take out attached transparent stickers and tear off one piece of it.
2. Put transparent stickers on the back of SIM Card as diagram 1.
3. Cut the SIM card following the dot line with scissor as diagram 2.
4. For more convenience, you can use the special pincer made by our company to cut sim cards as
diagram 3&diagram4.
5. Cut the other SIM card by the same way.
6. The well-cut SIM card is as diagram 5.
7. Take out the stainless steel plate from General Dual Card and then install the two well-cut SIM Card into the General Dual SIM card holder.
8. Insert the General Dual SIM card into the mobile phone & ready to enjoy a free life with two SIM cards in one mobile phone.