Sell ductile iron pipes and fittings

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1. Manufactured to ISO2531-1998, BS4772, EN545
2. Specification: DN80mm - DN2600mm, 6 meters long.
3. Thickness Class: K7, K8, K9, K10, K12.
4. Joint Type: Tyton joint, Mechanical joint, Anchored joint and flanged joint (PN10, PN16 & PN25) .
5. Internal linings: Cement mortar lining to ISO4179, External coating: zinc coating to ISO8179, bitumen paints to BS3416, PE sleeves to BS8180.
6. Rubber seals: ISO4633-1996 (SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR ect. )

1. Manufactured to ISO2531-1998, AWWA110, Flange drill to ISO7005
2. Specification: DN65mm - DN2600mm.
3. Description: tee, invert level tee, bend, reducer, socket flanged piece, spigot, flanged piece, tap, collar, bell mouth, cap, flexible couplings, flange adapter, dismantling pieces.