Sell dust mask

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Comfortable to wear and protects thoroughly from every minute dust particles
With a triple layer non-woven fabric filter, it gives excellent protection
Easy to breath, with less dust occurrences, thus effective in protecting the worker while in operation
In operation sites where dust occurs (cement wood, grinding casting)
In maintenance, repair work, cleaning and engineering works
For exclusive laboratory use & pharmaceuticals, electronic & cosmetic company use
Dust proof mask (surface-filtering type) protection from every minute dust particles, organic solvents
Sanitary mask protection from dust, mist

Our company also provides various disposable non-woven rags, including anti-static clothe, antibacterial mop, duster clothe for kitchen utensil, anti-static & bacterial duster clothe, duster clothe for automobiles; super-fine fiber duster clothe, beauty towel, as well as various non-woven duster glove, disposable non-woven 3-D breathing masks, trapeziform masks. We also engage in other non-woven products and can provide custom-tailor service according to requirements of customers. Any order, call or requirements from our customers shall be warmly welcomed!