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Newly developed disposable products using patented latex-free elastic non-woven fabrics. These unique elastic non-woven eliminate the need for incorporating straps of rubber, latex or other conventional elastic materials and instead by simply punching ear holes on the elastic fabric.

1. Full form-fitting to wearer's body with stress-free comfort
Because of unique characteristics of elastic non-woven fabrics, Masks are both comfortable and form-fitting but without the localized irritating stress as from latex or rubber-bands on products made with conventional elastic components.
2. Rubber Free for a Cleaner Environment
Because no rubber or latex materials are used recycling these disposable products are much safer especially using an incineration process.
3. Construction:
a. 3 layer construction:
3-layer mask comes in outer layer high gsm SMMS or PP fabrics, middle layer meltblown, and inner layer low gsm SMMS or PP fabrics.
b. 4 layer construction:
SMMS or PP comes in top and bottom layer spunbond, with two middle layers meltblown inside.
4. Carefully selected polyolefin elastic non-woven material provides masks that are non-irritating to the skin and with specified filtration efficiency.

With patented hygienic design provide excellent primary facial protection and contaminate control:
1. In clinical offices, housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust, pollen, and bacteria;
2. In laboratories and factories for blocking liquid mists, harmful airborne chemicals and fine particles.
3. In general applications for stopping spreading infections.

Activate carbon layer masks are also available upon request.