Sell dust-mite proof magnetic health pad

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Enlaide company introduce new technology from Du Pont Corporation in health care sleep system, uses Tyvek ADM fiber cloth in bedding products, enhance the functionality of the products by its good function of anti-mite, soft, tenacity, waterproof, freely breathing, etc. It combines with intrinsic health care function of the products, forms perfect health sleeping system.

Tyvek.ADM fiber cloth is pure white and no impurity, it has no side effect to human body, has the good characteristic of obstruction and filtration, and can cut off the important survival condition of mites, cause the mite be far away our life. Moreover, Tyvek material is comfortable, ventilation, antifouling, waterproof which can keep the good permeability of bedclothing, it's advantageous for the perspiration of human body, and guarantees dry and clear comfortable sleep. At the same time it prevented the liquid such as water or oil to the pad, may lengthen the service life.