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We are producing and exporting measurement meters and testers as: dynamometer.
Performance, Feature: Optional wavelength adjust.
A host of measuring span automatic throw-over.
Light wear test. Adopt SMD technical. Broad measurement range.
Machine inner auto school zero. Opposite poor value test.
Technical data:
1. Measure permanent planting wavelength: 850nm,1300nm,1310nm,1550nm
2. Power measurement range: -70Bm~+20dBm.
3. Measuring span ambit: mw, 5w, nw, pw or bBm, dB.
4. Accuracy: 15%(-10dBm)
5. Degree of precision: 0.1%(0.01dBm)
6. Whole machine size, Weight: 120W76W23(mm)
7. Bring out screen size: 60W30(mm)
8. Power: DC9V
9. Work environment temperature: 0~400
Photodetector technical indicia:
Material: InGaAs; Active area diameter: 1.5(mm)
Fathomable wavelength: 750nm~1700nm; Output form: FC Bode