Sell eco-friendly liquid chalk for chalkboard and marker board

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Advantages of Ocean liquid chalk

Free of poison and dust, Envrionment friendly
Free of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and nickel, PBB and PBDE, which is harmful to our health. Ocean liquid chalk has got ROHS Envrionmental Certificate by SGS.

Total cost is very competitive
100ml of ocean ink(1 bottle) can be writen above 10000 meters on the blackboard(green board) or 5-6 weeks for one classroom. With no dust, teachers and students have healthy risk of dust poison which is a great cost reduction for both individual or society. Additionally it will also reduce maintenance cost as there's no dust pollution. Total cost of Ocean liquid chalk is more than 50% competitive than old products.

High Technology, Strong marketing
Ocean ink is a kind of polymer liquid with one international patent and 5 China patents. Its application and environmental performance is at very high level in the world. China-made provides us with very strong marketing competion ability.

Broad applicability
Ocean liquid chalk can be used on many different green or black boards under a broad temperature range. Usually users do not need to reconstruct their boards. Once needed, Ocean can provide our solution for reference.

Features of Ocean liquid chalk

Handwriting clear
The polymer ink can be fluently writing and cover the board as a polymer film. Very good visual appearance. Easily using.

Easily cleaning and fast drying
Handwriting with Ocean liquid chalk can dry very quickly in a few seconds, and it's very easy to be wiped off too.

Different colors
Ocean common using ink is in four colors, white, blue, yellow and red. It's a perfect replacement for chalk.

Large capacity
Can be filled in 10ml of ink, and can be writen above 1000meters long.

Environmental friendly and cost saving
All liquid chalk are ink-refillable, That avoids waste of empty liquid chalks and environmental burden. The pen nibs are all in Acrylic which can be changed separately instead of changing a liquid chalk.