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Eco-green board for school teaching

The board is made by the utra-thin cold-rolled steel sheet with the macromolecule.

Aqueous matt coating finish formed in the 260C high temperature. Compared with the same products, Xinye green board is considered one of the first class in the world.

The low frequency green spectrum from 550 to 750 nm and the reflection less than 5C will mak the eyes feel comfortable and relaxed. The hardness of the board is more than 3H and the writing and erasing durable time is more than 50000 times. Can be framed in bamboo, wood, aluminium alloy and plasic material, etc. , and backed by the glass-magnesium board. The glue used is from the 3M company, USA. It can be used for 7 to 10 years.

The board has a clean and clear appearance, no toxic, no radiation content, harmless, tested by the Sate authority as an environmentaly friendly and durable writing board that can be widely used in school, office, sport even, pubilc places like bar, restaurant, and at home where you'll have many styles to chose from to enhance your home decoration. The board can be used together with our liquid chalk pen and ink, compass and eraser, etc. To achieve a better writing result.

Start to use the board,
1. Get rid of the protective film before using a new board.
2. Write and wipe off in a gentle way.
3. Keep the writing surface clean.
4. Avoid using any hard and sharp stuff on the surface of the board.
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