Sell edible gelatin

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Gelatin is an ideal choice and has been widely used as material in production of food, pharmaceutical and other products because of the versatility.

the application of gelatin is listed below:

1. gelatin used in food industry : confectionery, dairy, desserts, frozen food, bakery fillings&icings, and meat products rely on gelatin as an important ingredient.
In confectionery products (Gummi Bears , Marshmallows, Circus Peanuts, Lozenges, Wafers) , gelatin acts as an agent to provide varying degrees of texture and elasticity.
In dairy products, it stabilizes properties in yogurts, sour creams, ice cream and milk
In based desserts, while adding a creamy mouth sensation to low or non-fat products.
in meat products such as ham and aspic improves the appearance and makes the product easy to slice.
in beverage production(Wine, Beer, Juices ect. ) as clarifier and stabilizers.
2. gelatin used in pharmaceutical production as raw material.
Bone Gelatin is used in the production of making hard & soft gelatin capsules in order to prevent the oxidation of the contents and absorption of moisture. Gelatin capsules also offer the unique advantages of ease of swallowing, dosage accuracy and appearance.
Gelatin's unique physical properties also allow for the coating and binding of tablets.