Sell edible oil filling machine

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Volume type oil Filling Machine
This machine adopts linear filling, electromechanical integration control, is of superior performance, whose modeling complies with international mechanical design concept. It is mainly applicable to a variety of viscous, non-viscous, corrosive and non-corrosive liquids, and widely used in the quantitative small packages of vegetable oil, lubricants and chemical liquids, and routine chemical industries, etc.

Configuration and performance, features:

1. Adopt German original Siemens (Siemens) PLC control to ensure the performance stability of the system.

2. Select imported electricity, pneumatic control components, with stable performance.

3. Photoelectric detection system adopts German products, with reliable quality.

4. The leading anti-leakage devices ensure that no leakage occurs in the course of production.

5. For step-by-step delivery, the primary-section delivery adopts variable frequency control, of higher efficiency, while the following process (stamping, ink-jet printing, light-check and case-sealing, etc) adopts special double dislocation connection, allowing he whole production line more accurate and smooth.

6. High and low double speed filling can avoid the overflow phenomenon, and can significantly increase the production efficiency.

7. Single-machine is adapted to multiple varieties, quick and easy adjustment.

8. The humanization control system has intelligent protection functions. In case of fault alarm, it will display the reasons for faults to ensure the safety of production process.

9. Electrically adjustable capacity system has real-time data tracking function, which allows touching the screen setting to realize the replacement of species, accurately, and conveniently and quickly.

10. According to users' demand, automatic covering machine, automatic continuous capping machine, spinning and covering dual-use machine, leak detection machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, ink-jet printing machine, automatic unpacking machine, packing machine and pack - sealing machine can be affiliated to be used to form pipeline operations.