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Pulp molding production line is known as egg tray line for using massively in produce egg tray .
Pulp Moulding Production ( in short : PMP ) , which uses waste paper, cardboard, leftover material of paper mill, byhydropulper, mix making a certaindense pulp, and pulp is absorbed by vacuum of special metal moulding to become wet products, through drying , and shaping to become finished products.
PMP processing makes use of recycled water and does not lead to water or air pollution. Finished packaging products can be recycled after being used in storage, transport, and sales. After shredding, they are easy to be decomposed as paper, even if discarded into the natural environment.
Automatic pulp molding production lines can be mass production of various food containers, egg tray, lunch boxes, plastic containers, plastic ceiling tiles, relief doors, all kinds of auto parts, luggage and all kinds of health supplies and so on. .
The major equipmentof the machine are three parts include :Pulp making system, Molding system , and Drying system.
Pulp making system:
hydraulic pulper , Pulp pump, Pulp screen machine, pulp breaking machine , Stirrer and so on.
Molding system :
Rotary type molding machine, Vacuum pump, Air compressor , Vacuum tank, Water pump and so on.
Drying system:
Bellows, air blower , conveyer, Packaging machine.