Sell electric food waste disposer

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Exclusive stainless steel Multi-functional function both as brush for sink cleaning and as plug for water offlet and storage.
Induction motors, applied Japans sophisticated technology with high quality durable materials, permanent magnet driven, and care-free.
The turntable has two 3600rotating swivel impellers, no knives or blades; safe, durable and no need of maintenance.
Corrosion proof stainless steel grinding chamber and drain housing.
Overload protector, automatically cut off power within 3 seconds when blockage occurs.
Dishwasher drain connection.
The grinding chamber can automatically filter out solid waste and crush it into particles not larger than 4mm. As a result no blockage of water pipes or sewerage will occur.
Our food waste disposer puts an end to sewage blockage. All food wastes are grinded into fluid and flushed down into sewages thoroughly. Also, when running down, the fluid would polish, flush, and clean water pipes.
Disposable food wastes: bones, fish heads, fish bones, eggshells, cornhusks, vegetable leftovers, fruit peels, coffee grounds, tea dusts, residuals and most other food wastes.
Enhance health of your families!
Reduce kitchen stinks!
Decrease pest disturbance!
Free of household chores!
Provide convenient and rapid use!
Save energy with high efficiency!
Put an end to drainpipe blockage!
Sanitary and environment-friendly!