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The digital multi-sound automobile electron horn is take the microcomputer as the core high tech product, Has the non-contact, The acoustic fidelity is good, The frequency is stable, The life is long, Many kinds of sounds, Permanent memory establishment, Installs conveniently, Uses simply, Works stably reliable, The driver may according to own the sound which likes the hypothesis needing, Simultaneously enjoys to the loudspeaker brings rare pleasantly surprised to you. The product most major characteristic broke through the former automobile horn sole sound boundary, You only need to install a set of multi-purpose electronic horn, Then may enable your love vehicle to have ten kind of all kinds sounds. , If steam shistle, Echo, Crosstalk and so on.
1. The supply oscillator produces by the quartz crystal, The frequency is extremely stable .
2. Non-contact, The life is long.
3. The acoustic fidelity is good, Does not receive vibrates, Low temperature, High temperature, Voltage change influence.
4. Many kinds of sounds, May reach several dozens kinds.
5. Permanent maintenance user hypothesis sound.
6. Installs the operation to be simple, Transforms each kind of sound with the single track control, Does not need the extra fitting.
7. Adapts the wide temperature environment, -40 degree to +65 degrees.

Application method: According to the circuit diagram which provides installs the horn correctly, The first kind of horn is the ordinary horn normal sound, Presses three horn switches continuously, The horn can transform other one kind of need the sound, Chooses the sound by this use which oneself needs .