Sell electric-magnetic lock, electric bolt, shear lock, security

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Chen Lin Aluminum Manufacturer CO. , Ltd is a technology specialist supplier of Electro-Magnetic Lock and Aluminum related products.

Chen Lin Aluminum has been involved manufacturer and exporter of Electric-Magnetic Lock , Electric-Bolts , Electric Strikes and other Aluminum products in Taiwan for many years experience. Chen Lin Aluminum also specialized OEM/ODM project cooperation to design and manufacture specific clients requirement. . .

Our products feature the latest design techniques, incorporate advanced technology design feature.

All products conform to the highest standards required by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and National / Regional safety standards such as the CE marks for product safety.

Our customers usually are OEM's , Distributors, Corporate Buyers and trade company.
Our mission is to offer original and competitive product solutions for our customers who operate in the competitive markets of today