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Operating Temperature: -100~450
Insulation Voltage >=1500V (Input to Output, Shell)
Life Expectancy>=50000hrs (Normal Temperature)
Meet the CE Certificate Requirements
Charge Methods: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Trickle Charge
Input Votage:110~240V(AUTO-ID)
Efficiency: >=88 %( full capacity)
The main functions:
1. Advanced Technology: Use the machine switching power skill, and the intelligent
charging technology, which has high reliability.
2. High stability: The switch was made up of military use IC. Stable, reliable, and less
3. Using the pulse width modulation technology, high power factor, less ripple factor,
and has less Interference to other machines.
4. Charging characteristics: Three-stage charging modes: constant current charge at
the beginning, avoid wreck a batteries. When the battery comes to the max voltage, it
will turn to the constant voltage, so as to improve the capability of batteries, and
increase the conversion rate as well. Trickle can balance every battery got charged.
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Electric cars batteries, motorcycle batteries, and DC Power Supply
ES-A (500W) Series lead-Acid Charger Specification
Constant Current Constant Voltage Float Charge
Model Size(mm) Weight
Voltage Current Voltage Current
Current Voltage Current
12V20A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=14.7V 20.0A 14.7V 20.0A 4.0A 13.8V 2.0 A->0 350W
12V15A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=14.7V 15.0A 14.7V 15.0A 3.0A 13.8V 1.5 A->0 260W
12V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=14.7V 10.0A 14.7V 10.0A 2.0A 13.8V 1.0 A->0 210W
24V12A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 12.0A 29.4V 12.0A 2.4A 27.6V 1.2 A->0 420W
24V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 10.0A 29.4V 10.0A 2.0A 27.6V 1.0 A->0 350W
24V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 8.0A 29.4V 8.0A 1.6A 27.6V 0.8 A->0 275W
36V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=44.1V 8.0A 44.1V 8.0A 1.6A 41.4V 0.8 A->0 415W
36V06A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=44.1V 6.0A 44.1V 6.0A 1.2A 41.4V 0.6 A->0 310W
36V05A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=44.1V 5.0A 44.1V 5.0A 1.0A 41.4V 0.5 A->0 260W
48V06A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=58.8V 6.0A 58.8V 6.0A 1.2A 55.2V 0.6 A->0 415W
48V05A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=58.8V 5.0A 58.8V 5.0A 1.0A 55.2V 0.5 A->0 345W
60V05A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=73.5V 5.0A 73.5V 5.0A 1.0A 69.0V 0.5 A->0 430W
ES-AL (500W) Series Li Iron/Li Polymer Charger Specification
Pre-charging Constant Current Constant Voltage
Model Size(mm) Weight
Voltage Current Voltage Current Voltage Current
Shut Point
13V20A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=12.6V 20.0A 12.6V 20.0A 280W 3-10%cc
13V15A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=12.6V 15.0A 12.6V 15.0A 210W 3-10%cc
17V15A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=16.8V 15.0A 16.8V 15.0A 280W 3-10%cc
17V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=16.8V 10.0A 16.8V 10.0A 190W 3-10%cc
21V15A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=21.0V 15.0A 21.0V 15.0A 350W 3-10%cc
21V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=21.0V 10.0A 21.0V 10.0A 230W 3-10%cc
21V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=21.0V 8.0A 21.0V 8.0A 190W 3-10%cc
25V15A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=25.2V 15.0A 25.2V 15.0A 420W 3-10%cc
25V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=25.2V 10.0A 25.2V 10.0A 280W 3-10%cc
29V12A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 12.0A 29.4V 12.0A 400W 3-10%cc
29V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 10.0A 29.4V 10.0A 330W 3-10%cc
29V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=29.4V 8.0A 29.4V 8.0A 260W 3-10%cc
34V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=33.6V 10.0A 33.6V 10.0A 370W 3-10%cc
34V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=33.6V 8.0A 33.6V 8.0A 300W 3-10%cc
38V10A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=37.8V 10.0A 37.8V 10.0A 420W 3-10%cc
38V08A 170W90W63 1.2kg <=37.8V 8.0A 37.8V 8.0A 340W 3-10%cc
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