Sell electrical flexible conduits (raceway) & fittings

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Delikon Products ---
Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.

We manufacture and export cost saving electrical flexible conduits (wire raceways) and fittings for commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial applications.

*Wire braided Liquid-tight Flexible Conduit (explosion proof)
*Liquid-tight Flexible Metallic and Non Metallic Conduit
*Flexible Metallic Conduit
*Flexible Non-metallic Conduit
*Flexible Conduit (Cable) Connectors & Fittings
*Conduit Clip

Commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial construction, including commercial office buildings, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, computer centers, and manufacturing facilities. New construction renovations and re-hab construction. Our products have also been used extensively for protecting electrical wirings in machineries and other industrial environments.

Main Customers:
OEMs, electrical contractors, distributors, and importers.

Our business philosophy has always been based on quality products, innovative solutions, and service beyond our customer's expectations.