Sell electrical insulations

electrical insulations
Insulating the bus bar and switchgear joints is a very unwieldy and herculent job owing to a very complex and varied profile of the joints in the layouts that are of very customized nature. Because of this majority of the joints are left open without insulation. This in turn results in short circuits, breakdowns and in best cases  the interruptions. Also this is an aspect of human safety that can never be ignored. In developed countries these are used even in areas that are never reached by humans just to save the wild life of birds. In India one hardly comes across any insulation of these live high voltage joints which frequently lead to loss of lives.

Preetham products  an ISO 9001:2000 company is specializing in development of Customized PVC moulding that are aptly designed to fit any intricate area of these joints. The development is done at a very high speed and many of them take not more than 3-4 days. Very special proprietary compounds are used to make these mouldings that are called Shrouds / Boots that can withstand up to 38 KV at operating temperatures of more than 900C.