Sell electrical parameter comprehensive tester

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Main features:
VFD display, in accordance with European environment protection requirements.
Adopt the SMT technique, smaller size and more reliable quality;
Alarm function, communication lock, and display lock function
Various interfaces for online product test requirements
Technical Parameter:
Voltage test range and precision : AC:20.0V-60.0V, 10.4V; AC: 60.0V-320.0V:10.4%Wreading
Current test range and accuracy : 0.020-9.999A: 10.004A; 10.00-25.00A:10.4%Wreading
Test range of active power: 0.4~999.9W/1000~6000W
Test accuracy of active power:
When cos#>=0.2, 1( 0.4%Wreading + 0.04%Wtest range )
When cos#<0.2, 1( 0.4%Wreading + 0.1%Wtest range)
Test range and accuracy of power factor: 0.10 ~1.00, 10.02
Test range and accuracy of frequency : 45.0Hz ~65.0Hz, 10.2 Hz