Sell electrode paste

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Electrode paste is used in closed electric smelting furnace as continuous self-baking electrode to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy and so on. During the furnace operation, electrode paste acts as current conductor.
Our electrode paste has following characteristics:
1. Lower ash content;
2. Acurate dosing and stable volatile content;
3. Good electric and thermal conductivity and the sintering speed apropriate to that of consumption of working end;
4. Smelting at lower temperature with certain fluidity and homogeneous composition;
5. High resistance to high temperature, oxidation and thermal shock, low resistivity and high mechanical strength after sintering;
The properties of electrode paste are as follows:
Ash < 6% or 4%
Volatil material 12-15.5%
Compressive strength> 17Mpa or 18Mpa
Electric resistivity <75micro ohm m or 65
Bulk density > 1.38g/cm3
size : 125*125*60mm or 100*90*60mm
We can offer electrode paste as your special properties demand.
At same time, we can also supply tamping paste for furnace building.