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Biostx electromagnetic waves shield clothing is able to provide the protection against the mid to ultra high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the effectiveness within the said range can reach 99.99%. Mid to high-frequency electromagnetic waves can cause pathological changes to human cells as well heat-destroy to human body. Human exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy has become ubiquitous over the last 20 years. It is also suggested that fetal of neo-natal exposures to excessive RF energy may be associated with an increased incidence of autism. Some known effect of RF radiation include cognitive impairment, memory deficit, EEG modifications, DNA damage, chromosome aberrations, fetal malformation, increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier, altered cellular calcium efflux, and altered cell proliferation (Kane, 2003) . These effects can possibly cause more harm to a developing fetus or a young child whose neuronal status and immunity are still immature.
Biostx electromagnetic wave shield maternity clothing provides 99.99%. of protection to users. The said clothing can be dry-cleaned 500 times or water-cleaned 350 times without decreasing the effectiveness. We also provide ODM and OEM service to our clients. Clients own designs are highly welcome. Please contact us for detailed information.
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