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electron ballast
The High-pressured sodium lamp electron ballast of our company has several major characteristics below:
1. Highly effective energy conservation effect: Compared with the inductance type ballast, it saves the active power by 30%, reducing the electric transmission loss of the electrical network system to 80% with the comprehensive saving rate of electricity above 30% and power factor about 0.99.
2. The voltage adaptation scope is more spacious: The electronic ballast can normally work under the condition of 170V-260V voltage while traditional inductance- type ballast can only work between 200V and 230V voltage.

3. Automatic protection function: it has the automatic protection function if there were accidents such as short circuit, the opening, internal breakage as well as the sudden power failure in the movement and so on.

4. The extreme convenience of the installment: The electronic ballast installment is extremely convenient, no need of other triggers and the compensation electric capacity matched.
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