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Electronic ballast for metal halide lamp
Model:HM-G8035 HM-G8070 HM-G8150
Rated voltage:220V
Rated power:70W / 150W / 250W
Lamp current crest factor:<=1.4
Ballast consumption: <=1W
Power factor: >=0.99
Ambient temperature:-30centigrade~40centigrade
Range of power supply frequency:40Hz~400Hz
Max. case temperature:85centigrade
THD: <=10%
HID electronic ballast is our high technical "Green Lighting" product due to our conformity with the social requirements. It is taken for economical wares in engineering. At present we have developed a series of electronic ballast fitted with the metal halid lamp, sodium lamp rated 35W-400W.
Product Futures:
1. Energy-saving :low operation current, and total power-saving rate is over 30%; It can also be matched with low power circuits , and applied to install on the square, roads, the HID lamps on the streets . At the late night, it can lower 45% lower, which can save more energy.
2. Superior lighting quality: These electrical ballasts are with high working frequency, stable voltage, and enable the luminous efficiency of buld increased by about 12%.
3. The electronic ballasts can work properly in 150V~260V within the normal voltage.
4. Automatic protection function :Whe the electronic ballasts in abnormal conditions, such as light bulbs leak, the internal rupture, short circuit and power supply line for instant accident damaged electronic ballasts, have self-protection function.
5. They have overcome the interruption & pollution for the power net from the Electromagnetism of magnetic Ballast . Protecting the safe operation of power nets.
6. Reducing costs of infrastructure investment.
7. widely used in a wide range of roads, shopping centers, workshops, assembly halls, stations, airports, wharves, district buildings, stadiums, squares, exhibition centers, billboards, highway, tunnel lighting and other big occasions.
8. Convenient installation. :The electronic ballasts are small in size, light weight, easily to be installed.
9. High quality and long life:our electric ballasts are introuding the latest international electronic line with superior performance, designed to fully protect the reliability of the product structure.
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