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1. Water heating : Water temperature can be adjusted as you like.
2. Rear cleanse : Clean the rear automatically after relieving yourself with Warm water , without any toilet papers ( with adjusting water temperature and pressure, remitting or eliminating constipation or hemorrhoids ) .
3. Women's cleanse: Except the general cleaning, another nozzle is added for women's special cleaning (especially in women's menses or pregnancy can reduce the possibility to cause any gynaecopathia disease) .
4. Massage cleanse: Alternating strong /weak water pressure sprays enable massaging effect.
5. Washing position adjustment : cleaning nozzle for rear/women position can be adjusted to desired location of respective user.
6. Self-cleaning Nozzles : Retracted nozzle sprays water on itself automaticlly following complete usage for a self cleaning effect, helps maintain clean state of the product.
7. Warm drying: Blows warm air toward rear for heightened satisfaction after washing. Air temperature can be also adjusted as you like.
8. Heated seat: Seat temperature can be preset and can also be adjusted as you like.
9. Damping device of cover and seat: Hydraulic damper control is designed to prevent excessive impact on toilet seat when closing seat cover.
10. Seat sensor: All the functions will not work only when you sit on the seat.
11. Power saving: Under "power saving" state, the water/seat temperature is low, when use it , the water/seat temperature is recovered the preset temperature.
12. Quick and easy installation
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