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1 Rated Power: AC220~240V(110V) 50Hz/60Hz
2 Water pressure: 0.05~0.70 Mpa
3 Water flow rate: Max 1.8L/min
4 Water Power:1780W, instant heating
5 Water pressure control: adjustable by booster
6 Tank Capacity: 0.9L
7 Safety device:Float switch, temperature sensor, temperature fuse
8 Washing Time:10S
9 Warm seat Power:55W
10 Seat Temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, weak, middle and strong)
11 soft seat: When closing, the seat and cover fall down slowly
12 Warm wind Power:270W
13 Temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, about 450,550 and 650)
14 Gross Weight: 7.5kg
15 Net Weight: 4.8kg
16 Packing Size: 575X520X195mm
17 Loading quantity(20/40'HQ) : 400/800

1 Man-machine engineering design.
2 Warm and comfortable antibacterial seat.
3 Washing-- Sprays water through nozzle to ensure cleanliness of the buttocks.
4 Bidet -- Design specially for womens daily hygiene, wash meticulously, prevent the infection of bacterium, etc.
5 Warm Seat-- Warm the bidet seat and keep the temperature comfortable even using in winter.
6 Adjust Seat temperature-- Seat temperature to be adjusted by microcomputer.
7 Adjust Water Temperature-- The spraying water temperature to be adjusted by microcomputer.
8 Adjust Water spraying-intensity-- The Water spraying-intensity to be adjusted by the booster.
9 Soft seat - Lid and seat buffer(slow down) .
10 Self cleaning nozzles-- The nozzles spray water automatically after working for cleaning the machine.
11 Energy Saving.
12 Safety alarm
13 Multi-safeguards
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110/220-240V, 50/60Hz
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FOB Shanghai
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1 year
7.5 kg