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Electronic Bidet
1. Sensor
With the sensor device, the relevant functions are in standby status when no one is seated, and all the relevant
functions will enter into exercisable state when someone is seated.
2. Self-cleaning Nozzle
Prior to use, the self cleansing function automatically cleanses and sanitizes the nozzle head for 90 seconds. And
following use, press the nozzle cleansing button to clean the nozzle head for further cleanness.
3. Energy Saving
Instant heating products can save at least 30% energy comparing to traditional warm water tank products.
4. Warm Seat
The seat temperature can be adjusted in 6 settings, (regular temperature keeps up to 400)
5. Warm air dryer
There are 5 settings to choose the wind temperature and speed, range from 320590.
6. Damping device
With damping device on the cove and seat, annoying noise from toilet seat slamming can be eliminated. And it can
also protect the toilet from excessive bump.
7. Deodorization
Eliminate the smell fully with advanced technology.
8. Anti-bacterial seat
Add high-tech anti-bacterial material into seat to achieve long term anti-bacterial purpose.
9. Warm water cleaning
The nozzle can spray with warm water, and the water temperature and and pressure are adjustable.
10. Auto flush
The product can flush itself automatically after use, with distinguish on water volume.
11. Special for women
Easily one button to operate the function of buttocks cleaning + female cleaning + warm air drying
12. Remote Control
The remote control is used to preset the spraying modes and functions.
13. Adjustable nozzle and oscillating function
The function of adjustable nozzle can catch the washing position easily. And the oscillating function not only provide
the maximum cleansing action, also bring us the voluptuous enjoyment of massage.
14. Massage
The function of massage can be turned on or off during spraying. When this function is turned on, the strong and weak
water pressure alternates to achieve the massage purpose.
15. Remote control on cover
Easily open the cover by the remote control.
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water nurse
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1000pcs/ month
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110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
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