Sell electronic bidet

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1. Washing Spray water through nozzle to ensure cleanliness of the buttocks. 2. Bidet Design specially for women 's daily hygiene, prevent the infection of bacterium. 3. Moving The product not only wash the anus but also bidet to highten the washing effect. 4. Massage The regular change of water pressure have the massage effect, it can be operated during washing. 5. Warm seat The toilet temperature is controlled to the high temperature of 42 centigrade Celsius that it can be conveniently used even during the cold winter. 6. Warm air The product can blow out warm wind, so the buttock after washing will be dry quickly. 7. Deodorization The air in the closestool is smelling. The smell is removed or weakened while the air through the deodorant filters. 8. Soft seat With the hydraulic damper control design to make soft closing, it is a high class system to prevent the excessive impact on the toilet and it prevent the noise and damages. 9. Seat sensor The product works only when the user sits on it and automatically stops when the user stands, therefore, it is easy and safe to use. 10. Self cleaning Retracted nozzle sprays water on itself automatically after complete usage to help maintain in clean state 11. Energy saving The water heating is made for 25 centigrade under 1-step, 15 centigrade under 2-step and 5 centigrade under 3-step. Thus achieve the goal of using electricity sparingly.