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electronic cigarette is a kind of non- burning smoke substitute, its similar to those of the ordinary cigarette and can refresh the smokers and satisfy their smoking addiction, making them happy and relaxed, so as to relieve the suffering of quitting smoking. The essential differences between the electronic cigarette and the ordinary cigarette are as follows: No tar and other carcinogenic substances or harmful ingredients to human body, no ignition required, without over 40000 chemical substances generated by ordinary cigarettes like carbon monoxide and the danger of second-hand smoking to others, totally environment friendly. When users smoke in nicotine smog, they will feel just like smoking ordinary cigarette. It simulates the entire process of smoking completely from person's psychological angle and bound to leading a health smoking culture in future.
Product Description
Length :108mm
Weight for single cigarette:11.9g
Mouthfuls for each cartridge can keep 110-130 mouthfuls
Nicotine content of each cartridge equals to 7pcs traditional cigarettes Full battery can keep for 300mouthfuls, equals to 20pcs traditional cigarettes
Content of battery :180-200mAh
Work Voltage :3.2-4.2V
Charge time :2-3 hours
Life of battery :320times charger