Sell electronic component

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Our mainly products include:

1. Crystal Resonator------HC49U, HC49US, HC49SMD, SMD7*5mm, SMD6*3.5mm, SMD5*3.2mm, SMD12.5*4.6mm;

2. Tunning Fork------------AT38, AT39, AT310, DT38, DT26, DT15 as well as SMD8*3.8*2.34mm, SMD7*1.5*1.4mm;

3. Clock Oscillator---------14 DIL XOs, 8DIL XOs, SMD7*5mm XOs;

4. MCF-------------------------Passband Filter, Stopband Filter and General Separate Crystal Filter with 2,4,6,8,10 poles;

5. Ceramic Resonator----- ZTA serials, ZTTserials, CRB serials, ZTAC(SMD type) serials, ZTTC(SMD type) serials etc;

6. Ceramic Filter/Trap/Discriminator: Such as LT10.7 serials, LT5.5MB seraisl and so on;

7. SAW Resonator/ Filter in the package of TO39, F-11, SMD5*5mm, SMD5*3.5mm, SMD3.8*3.8mm, SMD3*3mm;