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The electronic expansion valve is used for frequency conversion air condition to realize the automatic controlling of refrigerant flow rate , thus to make air conditioning system to work in the best situation and realize fast freezing , temperature precision controlling and electric saving.

Features: Rated voltage : DC12V110%
Coil insulation resistance : above 100M(Ohms)
Driving current : 0.25A per Phase
Excitation form : 1~2 phase excitation ( 30-90 pulse ) , single phase driving
Coil insulation class : E
Refrigerant : R22 and R407C
Environment temperature : -30~+600
Medium temperature : -30~+700
Max ambient humidity : Less than 95%RH Working pressure range :0~2.26MPa
Full stoke pulse : 500
On-valve converse pressure : 1.47MPa(mini) On-valve pulse :32120
Life :100000 times
Coil temperature rise : Less than 550