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Household air-conditioning electronic expansion valve is mainly applied in frequency conversion air-conditioning system, to realize the automatic control of refrigerant flow rate, thus to make airconditioning system to work in the best situation and to realize fast freezing , temperature precision controlling and electric saving.

Before brazing the valve body , to get rid of the coil , and protect valve body with wet cloth , and the body temperature should be below 120. c; Orientation of installation:
coil up-side , valve body 90 degree.

Working condition:
Coil power supply:DC12V110%
Insulation resistance:100M(Ohms) (Minimum)
Electric current per phase:0.25A
Way of excitation:1-2 phase excitation (30-90 phase) , single-pole drive
Coil insulation class:E
Medium of application:R22, R407C etc Environmental temperature:-30~+600 Medium temperature:-30~+700 environmental humididity:95%(Maximum) Using pressure range:0~2.26MPa
Full stoke pulse:500
On-valve converse pressure:1.47MPa(minimum)
On-valve pulse: 32120
Life:100000 times
Temperature rise:less than 550