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Our company has begun to expand product range since 2003. We have developed Electronic Mosquito Swatters by adopting internationally advanced technology. Having the features of high efficiency, harmless to human, and anion air-clearing when working in progress, the Mosquito Swatter gets rid of defects of harmfulness on human being's health caused by old anti-functional. Moreover, Fly Swatter is a kind of simple and healthy anti-mosquito implementation.
The Electronic Mosquito Swatter emits no smell and uses no poisonous or harmful material. Electric Mosquito Swatter is safe for indoor or outdoor use and praised the most effective, convenient and hygienic pest control(pest repellent) . Electric Fly Swatter leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after. No splats or smears on your clean walls, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture.
Electronic Mosquito Swatter is also named Electronic Fly Swatter, Electric Mosquito Swatter, Electric Fly Swatter, Mosquiot Zapper, Bug Zapper, Insect Zapper. Other China Manufacturer also call it Mosquito Killer Bat. FEATURES OF RECHARGEABLE MOSQUITO SWATTER
Rechargeable:The Swatter furnishes two 1.2V high quality rechargeable batteries which can be recharged more than 600 times. Its economical and convenient.
Double-speed Discharge:Electronic Mosquito swatter adopts new technology of double-speed discharge circuit. It discharges an instantaneous-voltage up to 2,300V which can kill insects effectively.
Harmless:Bug Zapper gives fatal shocks to mosquitoes stinging on human skin but it is harmless to human. Even when the out-layer is approached to bare fingers. Saying this, we do not recommend you touch the mesh.
Multi-function:A light is available on the swatter. It could be used in dark nights to kill insects easily, or to be used as a torch.
1. Charge the Swatter 8 to 12 hours before use.
2. Hold the handle and trun on Power(main) switch. Then press the Hitting switch button located on the side of the swatter till the indicator light is on and wield it to make insects touch the net surface.
3. Turn on the light in dark nights to kill insects easily.
4. Turn off Power(main) switch when the Swatter is not used in order to reduce the free consumption of the batteries.
5. Recharge the Swatter when Discharge becomes faint and the light is weak.
1. For security, please do not press the Hitting switch button and touch the Hitting net while it is recharging.
2. When the insects are killed, just release the button and brush or shake off any insects on the nets surface. Please do not wash it with water to avoid short circuit.
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